Why Buhari may lose anti-corruption war – Shehu Sani

Blunt, cerebral and sharp-witted, that is Senator
Shehu Sani, the human rights activist turned
politician. From the recent ministerial screening
exercise at the Senate to some other contemporary
issues, the Senator who represents Kaduna Central
Senatorial zone in this interview speaks on why the
Senate cleared former Rivers State governor,
Chibuike Amaechi for Minister, describes Governor
Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state as an “Emperor.”
Cautioning President Muhammadu Buhari not to
abandon the masses who voted the All Progressives
Congress (APC) into power, Sani also frowns at some
of the views of a former Central Bank Governor,
Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi concerning the nation’s
APC overlooked morality issue over Amaechi
The decision of the Senate is more of partisanship
than morality. Senators from both the PDP and APC
had taken positions based on the exigent interest of
their own political parties. As for the PDP Senators,
the issues they brought at hand were that Amaechi
had corruptly enriched himself in office and so, must
be slapped.
But in the actual sense, they had grudges against him
over the role he played in removing the PDP from
power. As for the APC Senators, the moral question
raised about Amaechi eligibility was suppressed and
instead, the Senators took positions that are in line
with the interest of the party. Posterity is the best
judge of controversies.
Actually, Senators have a duty to confirm ministerial
nominees, present the best and ensure that those
who are going to serve have the right moral, ethical
and professional qualifications to be in that office.
But we must say that it is possible that the future
generation of Nigerians will challenge our position
and will question our moral standing based on this
very important issue. But politics is like a “war.”
You can use any means by which you are going to
win. The APC sees Amaechi as one of its own,
irrespective of the stains, dirt, allegations and moral
burden that he may carry. On the other hand, the
PDP is not against Amaechi because he is allegedly
corrupt but because he worked against their party
and poses an existential danger to the survival of the
Amaechi is a beneficiary of conflict of interest and a
beneficiary of a political atmosphere that put forward
partisan interest ahead of conscience and moral
El-Rufai, distributing poverty in Kaduna
The problems between El-Rufai and me began during
the primary elections. I was not his favourite
candidate for the primary election because he had
his own candidate who I defeated. He has now taken
the position of empowering his own candidate to
come over and fight me while grooming others who
are all set to fight me.
The second aspect has to do with his style of
governance. Many people say that as a politician, you
are not permitted to speak against any of your own
publicly. But I don’t believe in that. If you can speak
out against your brother or sister, you can speak out
against your neigbour and people with who you
share the same religion, there is nothing wrong in
speaking out against a person simply because he is
from your political party.
Kaduna is today being presided over by a man who
perceives himself as an Emperor. He has
emasculated the political party. If you go the party
headquarters in the state, nothing is happening there
because he has appointed the leading members of
the executive into his government and now, you don’t
see anybody in the secretariat.
He has marginalized all those who struggled and
fought to build the party in the state and made it
possible for the party to win the general elections. He
has also marginalized people who contested the
elections with him. He has unleashed a style of
governance that delivers no result other than
hardship and pain on the ordinary people. He is out
to experiment the Adam Smith’s School of Thought,
on Kaduna.
All the steps he has taken are steps meant to enrich
consultants, commissioned agents, the rich,
contractors and middle men. His policies are not
aimed at lifting the people out of poverty or unfolding
people-oriented programmes. He has a conservative,
capitalist and retrogressive world view. The world is
moving east and he is insisting that we go west. So, I
do not live on the same frequency with El-Rufai.
I am from the left wing of the political divide and he
is from the right wing. My background is that of
activism and his own background is that of an
accidental civil servant and now the governor of the
state. He has been out of Kaduna for over two
decades and APC brought him back to Kaduna.

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